About Us

parrotPutt’n Around is a family-owned and operated business. Elise Johnson and her sons, Daniel and Nicholas, wanted to bring Delray Beach a place for families to have fun together. We are always offering deals and promotions. With the economy not being the best, we are here to help families have fun without breaking the bank.

We take great pride in the upkeep and care of our beautiful, award winning botanical garden that surrounds you while you play golf. Our botanical garden is a main focal point of interest for passersby. There are two courses, each with a specific plant theme.

The ocean course is home to tropical plants and various plants you would see by the beach. The Everglades course has plants that are native to the Everglades.

When you think of mini golf, you might imagine difficulty meandering around a course and how difficult it would be with a baby in tow or if it’s handicap accessible, but Putt’n Around is accessible for everyone.

This isn’t just child entertainment. Come to Putt’n Around for the beautiful scenery, our indoor air-conditioned entertainment area and the beer and wine bar. an overall great time!!